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Photography Studio


About Me

pipe sanchez o.

I love fresh coffee in the morning, go swimming and riding my bike across the city/mountains.

However, the goal of this space is to tell you a little about my work; the first thing is first; I love,

love what I do; I am convinced it’s the only way to provide brilliant service at the height of such a special occasion. 

Achieving a smile of appreciation for my work is my motivation to capture the best memories of the most emotional moments.


I have lived in Colombia all my life; I moved four years to Buenos Aires (Argentina) to study photography at the school “Motivarte” between 2010 and 2014.  Three of the years were for study and one for practical experience. I learned the basics of the obscure camera, shooting the film in color, black and white. After I moved to digital, 

I have not looked back.


- "The pictures you want tomorrow, you have to take today." - 

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